The Sun Will Come Out

As I mentioned previously, September is the height of the rainy season here in Costa Rica. It has rained almost every day I’ve been here. And yet, as I write this, I can look up into a blue sky, generously sprinkled with white, fluffy clouds. The beauty of the rainy season is that while it does rain most days, it almost never rains the entire day. Mornings are usually warm and sunny, with dark clouds rolling in late in the day. 

Visiting Costa Rica during the rainy season has many advantages, not the least of which is the lack of crowds. But it also makes a welcome change for this Southern Californian. Back home, the unrelenting sunshine can become oppressive, as if the weather is constantly urging you to “have a nice day”. The daily cycle of sun and rain here feels more natural. No one can be cheerful and optimistic all the time. The weather here is a gentle reminder that when you’re feeling down, it’s only temporary. The sun will come out again in the morning.

The rainy season means water is flowing in the rivers

And the waterfalls are exceptional this time of year

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Mornings bring blue skies and clouds

Where the river meets the sea

Reflections in the sand = twice the blue skies and clouds

So many beautiful cloud formations